A new chaser!

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What are you doing here?  The Chaser has moved.  It’s new home is www.adailychaser.com.



Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

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Except there is nothing great about it, but it most certainly is a circus. Chalk full of monkeys, clowns, and circus sideshows…its the Spartanburg County Straw Poll!

Politico’s Jonathan Martin is reporting the final revalation of the results this afternoon. Come to find out, McCain won the whole shabang. Apparently, with the heavy national scrutiny and a rush to feed the media clowns; the Spartanburg GOP leadership forgot how to count and the leader of this three ring circus got on the TV and reported a bunch of crap. According to an email from Beltram, they actually scored McCain at 114 when it should have been 141. Way to put South Carolina up on the main stage!

So what does this Twilight Zone experience mean? We think it means, just wait till the real time to vote…it is actually 11 months from now!

50 votes over night?

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The final Spartanburg numbers are in:

John McCain: 164

Rudy Giuliani: 162

Duncan Hunter: 158

Sam Brownback: 85

Mitt Romney: 80

Mike Huckabee: 21

It looks like John McCain found 50 votes over night while everyone else stayed the same. How exactly does happen?   

DeMint ranked as nation’s top conservative

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Who is the nation’s most conservative United States Senator?

That would be our very own Senator Jim DeMint.

According to a new survey by the National Journal, Senator DeMint has a conservative score of 92.5, giving him the top spot.  He is also rated as the 99th  least liberal Senator with a liberal score of 7.5.

By comparison, Senator Lindsey Graham is ranked as the 32nd most conservative US Senator with a conservative score of 70.8.  He’s rank as the 67th most liberal US Senator with a score of 29.2.

Also of note is that Joe Wilson is ranked as the 5th most conservative Congressman.

Click here for pdf of DeMint and Graham scores.

Click here for pdf of DeMint v. Durbin comparison – the most conservative v. the most liberal.

Click here for pdf of SC House delegation scores.

Roger Milliken wins straw poll

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So how does a no name 5th tier California congressman pull a near win in a straw poll in the heart of South Carolina Republicanism?

It’s actually pretty simple. Score one the area’s largest employers.

It’s no secret that Roger Milliken is supporting Duncan Hunter for President. Now we aren’t conspiracy theorists. But, Hell did just freeze so we are going to go out on a limb here and say Mr. Milliken got a few of his employees to show up at their precincts with a valid voter’s registration card.

And the winner is…

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As the vote rolls in, a couple of interesting things are coming to light.  First Rudy Giuliani, a preceived social liberal, clearly is enjoying the big Mo even in conservative Spartanburg County.  Second, Duncan Hunter should feel really good tonight, no matter how short lived.  They clearly put together a solid ground game.  Here are the numbers with most of the precinct results reporting:

Rudy Giuliani: 123

Duncan Hunter: 110

John McCain:  86

Sam Brownback: 68

Mitt Romney: 59

Mike Huckabee: 18

Tom Tancredo: 4

Jim Gilmore: 4

Ron Paul: 1

John Cox: 1

Spartanburg County leaders were expecting a large turnout; allowing anyone with a license to cast a ballot.  However the massive down pour and tornado warnings keep many would-be voters at home.  It is interesting to see the dichotomy between the win for a more liberal Giuliani and the respectable showing by uber-conservatives Hunter and Brownback. 

Comparing this to The Hotline’s benchmark for news:

1) Giuliani gets 1st

2) Hunter and Brownback

3) McCain gets 3rd

Thoughts on South Carolina’s first straw poll?

Lindsey Graham holding up judicial nomination?

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Confirmthem.com, a division of redstate.com, is reporting that Senator Lindsey Graham is holding up judicial nominations for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  According to the site:

The backlog in Fourth Circuit nominations is being caused by Senators Webb and Graham. Webb is a first-class jackass, and refuses to work with Senator Warner to get these vacancies filled. Graham apparently wants some liberal, life-long democrat or a left-leaning intellectual lightweight to be nominated to the South Carolina seat, and the president is refusing to go along to get along. Good for him.

Speaking of Graham, he was on Fox News again today backing John McCain.  Check it out here.