We hope she doesn’t mind cigarettes


It’s 6:05 am.  We don’t have time to write a long post about this one because we are heading out the door for Memphis. But we couldn’t help but smile and at least say that we hope Mrs. Goode doesn’t mind cigarette smoke.

Chicago Joe (the bald guy on the right) is a fixture in 5 points.  He cuts our hair and we love him.  That doesn’t mean we love his cigarettes.  See…for those who frequent Carolina Barber Shop, you know you have to take a shower immediately after leaving the joint.  Chicago Joe can cut your hair in less than 4 minutes one handed.  The other hand just smoked 3 cigarettes in the same time period.

We asked ole’ Joe once “are’nt you scared of cancer.”  He replied “cancer…shit.  You can’t smoke as many cigarettes as I do and not have cancer. I don’t need no doctor to tell me I’m going to drop dead one day with these clippers in my hand.”  Of course I replied “I hope I’m not the one sitting in the chair.”

Here’s to you and your new female partner Chicago Joe.

Oh…and Mrs. Goode, that whole baby laughing ringtone you have on your cell phone just ain’t right.  That’s gots to go.


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