What’s your law?


Randy Page and the boys over at SCRG must be smiling big today.

They’ve caught hell trying to get vouchers and tax credits through the House.  They will have an even harder time getting them through the Senate.  And who knows if the Governor would sign the bill anyway at this point.

But if Senators Robert Ford and Lewis Vaughn have their way, SCRG can save all that money they have been spending on consultants, lobbyists, negative mail pieces, lawsuits, and television ads.  They can bypass the entire legislature and the Governor.  All they have to do is get their 200,000 supporters to sign a petition, giving the choice directly to the voters.

That’s right…you can have your very own law.  But it will take a petition signed by 1/5 of South Carolina’s 2,452,718 registers voters.  That’s 122,646.  Oh, and then you will have to launch a statewide campaign in support of the proposal, but let’s forget about that part for right now.

You have your paper, your pens, and your army of friends grasping clipboards in mall parking lots.  So tell us…what’s your law?

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