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The Crew | McCain rolls out 40 State House endorsements

January 31, 2007

Here they are folks:

Speaker Bobby Harrell

Speaker Pro-Tempore Doug Smith

Majority Leader Jim Merrill

Bruce Bannister



The Crew – McCain hires Jenny Sanford’s Assistant

January 31, 2007


According to an email obtained by The Shot, Katherine Haltiwanger, one of Jenny Sanford’s assistants is leaving the First Lady to become State Finance Director for McCain’s Exploratory Committee.

From: “Katherine Haltiwanger”

To: “Katherine Haltiwanger”

Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 12:17 PM

Subject: Upcoming Change

After several wonderful years with the Sanford administration, I have accepted a job with John McCain’s 2008 Exploratory Committee as State Finance Director. I will be located at his headquarters in Columbia.

Friday, February 9, 2007, will be my last day at the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion.

(We apologize to Katherine for forgetting to omit this section of the e-mail)

I hope our paths cross again in the near future. Until then, take care.

-Katherine Haltiwanger

The new straight talker….

January 31, 2007


Too bad he is going to be run out of town as a racist.

The New York Observer has a great interview with Senator Joe Biden.  This guy just calls it like he sees it, which we thought was refreshing even though we disagree with him politically.  But that never flys in the land of PC-ville.

Biden’s problem now is that the Obama campaign has given the signal for the press to play the race card in repsonse to his comments about Senator Obama being clean and articulate.  More or less the campaign responded in an email implying that Biden’s remarks were racist code. 

“Senator Obama opposed the Iraq War from Day 1 and has articulated clear principles in how to address the tragic mistakes President Bush has made there.” And as for rest—including Mr. Biden’s use of the words “articulate” and “nice-looking” to describe the Senator from Illinois—the spokesman said, “Senator Biden’s words speak for themselves.”

Biden should have found better words to use, because we all know “articulate” means that you don’t like black people.

He is probably toast.  Too bad, we would have enjoyed his type of plain speak on the campaign trail.

The Crew | McCain grabs most GOP House members

January 31, 2007


The State is reporting that House Majority Leader Jim Merrill will roll out over two dozen State House endorsements today for John McCain. Jim Merrill was McCain’s 2000 state director.

We can only guess that you will see Shirley Hinson, Annette Young, Converse Chellis, Bill Cotty, Doc Dantzler, Adam Taylor, Kris Crawford, Jim Harrison, Bill Whitmire, Joan Brady, Phillip Lowe, Doug Smith, Kenny Bigham, Tracy Edge, Marion Fry, Bill Herbkersman, Mike Gambrell, Gene Pinson, Mike Pitts, Gary Smith…

+ Harrell and Merill = 22. We hear its actually closer to 40, so that leaves 18 more. Who could they be?

[UPDATE] OH , how could we forget Gloria Haskins? It’s probably because we’ve tried to forget about her. That makes 21 left. (more…)

Some morning musings

January 31, 2007


We have been hammering here and there on the “Presidential Primary Boogie” going on around the country where FL, NJ, IL, and CA are all trying to get a piece of the early primary love.  To make matters worse for South Carolina; we found out that SD now wants in as well.  Apparently they have previously tried to have an early Primary date, only to find out that people still didn’t care.  Come on folks, it’s South Dakota!

And, over on South Carolina ’08 a battle is raging about the SChotline’s struggle to remain relevant as a legitimate source for Internet news.  Apparently, randomly posting video that looks juicy just for the sake of having video on your site doesn’t always pay out.  All we can say is that there is always room for more over here when it comes to real news lovin’. So when you guys get done fighting, we will be here.

That’s it for now….we need more coffee.

The Crew | Romney picks up Cromer

January 30, 2007


John McCain has been wrapping up state legislators for months, but The State is reporting that one got away from him.  State Senator Ronnie Cromer has formally endorsed Mitt Romney.  Cromer is a popular State Senator from the extremely important Lexington County.

Romney campaigns at Columbia Lizard’s Thicket

A standing room only crowd greeted presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning at the Lizard’s Thicket on Elmwood Avenue in Columbia.

The former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful worked the crowd as servers delivered steaming plates of eggs, grits and cinnamon apples to diners that found themselves surrounded by television cameras and photographers.


McCain hit hard on YouTube

January 30, 2007

Flip-flops gone viral

Further proof of the impact of new media on today’s political campaign.  This clip is spreading like wildfire across the net.  We saw what happened when Mitt Romney was hit on YouTube.  How will McCain respond to this strong hit?