Everybody loves a Prefiled Bill


Well it’s that time again folks!  The SC General Assembly will open its doors on the 117th session on January 9th, 2007, and with it comes all the fun of a three ring circus.  News junkies around the state are salivating at the prospects of what is to come.  Here at The Shot, we have been bored out of our minds, more or less, since November 7th and we are already in our black-tie monkey suits ready for some over-priced inaugural elbow rubbing.  In the meantime, we decided to peruse some Prefiled Bills for some choice items that we found interesting enough to share with you.  (Note:  instead of risking severe head explosions by forcing you to read legalese, we will summarize the bills; you may look them up and read them on your own if you dare.)

SC House of Representatives

H. 3046:  Anti-Big Fat Lawsuit Bill. 

This bill will enact the “Common Sense Consumption Act” which will keep individuals from suing businesses because they became obese from poor eating decisions.  A good bill and not the first we have heard of this, but still sad that we have to enact laws to force people to accept responsibility for eating too many monster burgers.

H. 3111: Running for re-election every two years is too damn hard bill.

This bill calls for amending the state constitution to remove the requirement that Members of the House of Representative be elected every two years and extends it to every fours years.  This may or may not be a good thing but would certainly free up resources and perhaps allow elected officials to govern effectively rather than politically. Eh, who are we kidding? Should be an interesting debate though.

H. 3031: Apparently we need a state horse bill.

This bill would designate the Marsh Tacky horse as the state horse.  Huh? Sure, why not?

H. 3053:  Illegal Immigration is sure to be a hot topic this year bill

This bill calls or South Carolina to join other states in a lawsuit, or start one for that matter, to force the US Attorney General to enforce all laws pertaining to illegal immigration.  We think enforcement of existing laws is, well, what we are supposed to be doing, no?  We chose this because it encapsulates a number of bills that have been filed dealing with illegal immigration and you can rest assured it will be a discussion of note.

H. 3118:  State should fund the campaigns of candidates who can’t raise money bill

This bill will call for state funding for candidates who “choose” not to accept political contribution over a certain amount.  It also calls for online reporting for campaigns and political committees.  The second part is good law and makes sense, but the first part is just not the role of government.  It also begs the question, which candidates are eligible?  Will SC fund the campaign of any lunatic that ponies up the dough for the filing fee?  We predict this bill dies on the vine.

H. 3128:  The what the heck will the Lt. Governor do now bill

Obviously restructuring will be a topic right out of the gate and both bodies have prefiled bills that will place State Constitutional positions under the purview of the Governor, but we decided to include this bill, because it seems to not only amend the constitution to allow for the Gov. and Gov. Light to run on the same ticket, but it also removes the provision that calls for the Gov. Light to preside over the Senate.  Naturally we would like to know; what the heck does he do then?  We mean you got the purple robe; you just have to use it right?

Well folks, now that we got the House of Representatives out of the way, we will continue with the Senate prefiled bills in our next installment, including the restructuring bills.  Feel free to give your thoughts in support or opposition to any of these bills, or ones that we might have missed. 

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