Everyone loves a Prefiled Bill (Part 2)


Let’s get right to it and unload some of the greatest hits from the Senate side of the Prefiled Bill Bonanza.


S 1-6:  The we thought this had a chance until the Governor ensured zero cooperation from the Legislature before it even gavels into session restructuring bills.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen; the first six bills filed all dealt with consolidating other constitutional offices under the office of the executive.  They call for every statewide office except Attorney General to be appointed by the Governor.  Honestly, we actually got caught up in the notion that the Republicans in the General Assembly and the Governor could make some sweet music together this year and actually would accomplish the centerpiece of the Governor’s agenda.  While these bills have some merit such as; saving money through consolidation, ensuring accountability under one office, dropping the “just pick a name” vote for races way down the ballot, and streamlining government, the arguments for and against may never even get made.

With the release of Governor Sanford’s budget proposal (which we think was a pretty good one and stood a chance for fair and open debate); it seems the Governor just could not stop himself (or his staff) from placing some not so lightly covered back-handed slaps at Republicans in the House and Senate.  And of course, in reaction to it, the Republican Leadership has declared that it is taking its marbles and going home.  Ok!  Well that was fun while it lasted.  Good talk everyone!  Laurin’s got some thoughts on it over here

Hopefully we will be able to argue about the merits of restructuring despite it all, but we will settle for bickering and name calling as usual.  We’re just used to it by now.

S. 154:  The at least you don’t have to worry about divorce attorneys bill

Um, not going to try to be funny here and incur the wrath of someone somewhere.  154 is the Marriage Amendment Bill that passed in referendum by a large majority in the past general election.  We fully expect howling from one side and grandstanding from the other, ultimately passing in short order.  Good times!

S. 155: The it may be ugly but at least its mine bill

This bill comes in the wake of the most insane encroachment on personal property rights ever to darken the doorstep of Americans in some time, named the Kelo Decision.  The bill limits the use of Eminent Domain for purposes of “economic development.”  Count us in favor of this one, but we wonder what the potential conflicts could be?  Does the law of Eminent Domain and the ruling by the Supreme Court trump state law?  Calling all lawyers and law students?

S. 157: The didn’t we just use to whoop their ass bill

This bill allows for teachers and other employees of a school to bring a civil action against a student who commits a criminal act on the teacher/employee.  It also defines the criminal acts into categories including felonies.  We say that a good ass whuppin’ beginning at an early age and a law shielding teachers from lawsuits for performing said ass whuppins’ is a much better move.  Besides, should you sue the parents?  What kind of judgment can you get from a kid?  Maybe we are misunderstanding “civil action” for the purposes of humor here?

S. 173  Damn this is going to be a hot one bill

This bill calls for allowing stem cell research in South Carolina.  However, it does SEEM to limit such research to adult and cord blood stem cells.  In addition it also specifically forbids cloning and the sale of embryos that are preimplantation.  Ok.  We are treading the line of our feeble understanding of science but rest assured this one will have very passionate supporters and detractors blurring the lines of truth and reality.  Question, what if you don’t sell the embryos,  but rather donate left over fertilized eggs?  What about the bodies of aborted fetuses?  Man this debate will be hot, as it has been all over the country.

S. 210:  The Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE bill

Apparently there is just too much restructuring goin’ on ’round here!  While we learned that S. 1-6 consolidated constitutional office under the Office of the Governor, some in the Senate think other appointed positions might just need to be elected.  210 calls for the state’s Insurance Commissioner to be elected by the qualified electors of the state in a general election.  Like anyone who votes for Comptroller now cares what in the heck he does (we do Mr. Eckstrom!), but you think the good folks would care what the Insurance Commissioner does?  Leave it be.  Let us trust the Governor, any Governor that we elect, to handle something.

S. 220  The Oh Boy there will be a jump in eyesight problems bill

That’s right!  Medical MaryJane for all you chronic pain sufferers and those who can’t see good and stuff.  See sister bill H. 3046, limiting lawsuits for consuming too much wonderful glorious snacky treats.  This is just too good not to mess with.  Wonder how much BUZZ this bill will generate.  Man this is too good.  We could go on for hours…

S. 28  Yeah not getting out of committee bill

Right to work state.  Unions.  Enough said.

S. 96  The you can get drunk just by breathing bill?

This was a first for us.  We had to look it up on the internet to read up on this one.  Apparently there are devices that vaporize alcohol so you can enjoy a tasty adult beverage without the hassle of lifting your hand to you mouth.  We thought this was wonderful, but alas, it only vaporizes one ounce every twenty minutes.  Guess we won’t be using the line, “Hey slow down partner, you just inhaled that beer.”

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