Gross profanities. They aren’t ours.


Today The Shot recieved a forwarded blast email from Josh Gross, Executive Director of the SC Club for Growth.  We don’t know how many people the email was sent to, but we note that it was sent from Josh’s personal email account and not his Club for Growth account.

Looks like Josh doesn’t like John McCain much.

From: “Joshua Gross” <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 10:09:21
To:”Joshua Gross” <>
Subject: Vanity Fair Article on John McCain

What I take from this article? Wrong on the fence, squishy on his “social conservatism”, and soft on the terrorists, (when he’s not playing to the crowd).
Please pardon the profanities; they aren’t mine…
Article at:¤tPage=all

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2 Comments on “Gross profanities. They aren’t ours.”

  1. Joshua Gross Says:

    Don’t know why my email was particularly newsworthy… the article seems to have had far greater impact with much more well-known folks:

    Powerline blog:

    Human Events’ Rightometer:

    (where Mark Steyn is far harder on the Senator than I could possibly be)

    And the original went to only 12 people… so I’ve got a pretty good idea who gave it to you… 🙂


  2. Lane Meyer Says:

    Squishy and soft are terms better used to describe the defeatist and nuanced Iraq positions of every other Republican candidate for president.

    There is only one solution. The McCain Doctrine: WIN. It ain’t going to be easy, but losing it out of the question.

    “My friend,” we are at war with those who seek to destroy our very existence. That calls for a leader like McCain who is prepared to do what is necessary to WIN.

    That is THE issue. On that issue, McCain is a stud. The others are geldings.

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