Bar Room Banter | What a shame


Here we go again.  No, not the Presidential campaign.  I’m talking about the bickering between Gov. Sanford and the Legislature.  You knew it was coming, but you had to figure they’d at least play nice for a week or two at the start of Session.  Nope.  This time they aren’t even waiting for the first day. 

When Gov. Sanford was reelected last November, everyone was happy and playing nice.  Speaker Bobby Harrell even served as the Victory 2006 Campaign Chairman, showing some semblance of support for the Governor’s reelection.  They did press conferences together.  Both of them talked about working together to get more of the Governor’s agenda passed.  Legislation has even been introduced that would make most of the elected SC Constitutional Offices appointed, which is one of Sanford’s key issues.

But alas, none of this will come to pass.  Evidently many legislators were offended at some comments made in Gov. Sanford’s statements regarding to his executive budget.

Thankfully for us as political operatives, restructuring government will crash and burn.  But, we will likely see another increase in spending again this year because the Governor and the Legislature can’t get along.  If they’d only play nice, perhaps South Carolina could see an income tax cut instead of another pointless tax swap.

I won’t go so far as to say that Sanford and Harrell were pulling a “Nick Saban” when saying that they were going to work together, but clearly neither one of them ever had any intention of getting along.

What a shame.  While the Governor and the Speaker bicker like an old married couple, South Carolina taxpayers will be the ones to suffer.  It doesn’t matter if this is a case of Sanford attacking legislators or if it’s legislators being overly sensitive.  What matters is that both of them need to grow up or our state will continue to wallow in the bottom category of every bad statistic in America.

Shame on you, Governor.  Shame on you, Mr. Speaker.

What a shame indeed. [Franklin Buchanan]

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