SCGOP Shakeup


With Kara Borie (Sanford campaign, DeMint campaign, and Capitol Hill staffer) out the door and replaced by Rob Godfrey (Ralph Norman campaign staffer) as Communications Director, the shakeups over at the South Carolina Republican Party haven’t stopped yet.

The Shot has received word from numerous sources that both executive director Scott Malyreck and finance director Katie Boling are on the way out and heading to the Treasurer’s Office.

With only 5 months until the state convention, the nation’s first primary debate, and a re-election challenge from Kevin Hall, this could be tough for Chairman Katon Dawson.

In related news, Starboard Communications (primary consultants and mail vendor for the SCGOP) has lost all-star player BJ Boling.  BJ is now heading up communications for South Carolinians for Responsible Government.

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9 Comments on “SCGOP Shakeup”

  1. GregHD Says:

    I see it as healthy. It makes it temporarily harder for leadership, but if they can’t make the adjustments, they shouldn’t be in leadership. New people, new positions, new talent. I like it.

  2. mikey Says:

    starboard did the direct mail for SCRG, so now they don’t have to pay a middleman to put their trash out by hiring boling directly. looks like they aren’t going to change course after all the sleeze and BS they put on in 2006.

  3. AlexS Says:

    Even though I had little interaction with Kara Borie, I was still extremely impressed by Katie Boling and Scott Malyreck, and the entire time.. And Rob Godfrey is an amazing guy, one of the smartest people I have met in politics, and will do great as communications director for the party!
    Will be interesting who take Katie and Scott’s place. but I have enjoyed working with them as well!

  4. AlexS Says:

    entire team, not time…

  5. park st. john Says:

    I hate that Rob Godfrey. He is the most condesending guy I have ever met. Hopefully he will get run out of sc politics and sent back to nc where he belongs

  6. RockHillRealEstate Says:

    I worked with Rob Godfrey in Rock Hill. He was great at his job. He has quite a force of personality, and I believe he will go far in South Carolina politics. I’m not sure who “Park St. John” is, but this seems to be a spoof of Park Gillespie and Joe St. John, both of whom are Rock Hill based political operatives. I doubt either would want their names spoofed on this blog.

    The shakeup at the party isn’t surprising. The folks there have a great, great communications person in Rob Godfrey. He brings fresh ideas. Katon and his people should listen to Rob. He will make a ragtag group stronger.

    It has taken some people by surprise that Scott is leaving. He is a seasoned political veteran. Scott is from New Hampshire’s Republican Party. If he leaves, they are losing someone good. Combine this with Katie Boling leaving, and there is a void in leadership at the party. I want to know who will replace him.

    This could signal that Katon is in trouble for his re-elect. Scott and those people wouldn’t be jumping ship if Katon were on his way to re-election.

  7. CocaCola Says:

    Why would Scott leave that job to become something on TRav’s staff? No offense to TRav, but it would suck to go work at the Treasury.

    As far as Rob Godfrey, I wonder if we’ll get any Dear John letters. Those things were hilarious. And the guy routinely called John Spratt a “run of the mill career politician.”


  8. Jenny Girl Says:

    To replace Scott there are lots of capable people out there looking for jobs now and since there are Hill staffers out of work due to Congressional losses, it wouldnt be a stretch to see someone from ourside SC or who has been away for a while come home.

    For fundrasing, rumor is Sunny Phillips will return to manage the finance operation there. If that’s true it would totally show that RockHillRealEstate’s suggestion that rats are deserting a sinking ship is plain wrong. It will cost a lot to put on the primary and having someone there who already knows the ropes would make me not worried about how they are going to raise the $$$ it takes to get the job done and get it done right.

    I trust Katon to get the best people for the jobs.

  9. […] Captain, My Captain… Earlier this week we broke the news that a number of high level staffers were leaving the SCGOP.  The Shot has confirmed that Hogan Gidley will be taking the reins as Executive Director of the […]

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