The Crew | McCain for President, South Carolina


We will frequently update you on who has signed on with the presidential campaigns (paid staff, consultants, advisers, endorsers, etc..) in a section we call The Crew.

We start with the McCain crew here in South Carolina.

McCain has been rolling out endorsements for months, which we will summarize for you later this week, but there hasn’t been much mention of this paid staff.  Here’s what we know thus far:

(Trey – how ’bout send us a picture)

* Trey Walker: Many people regard Trey as one of South Carolina’s most talented political operatives.  Trey was the executive director of the SCGOP under McMaster’s watch.  He was a McCain 2000 staffer and long time Quinn operative.  He is currently on leave from the Attorney General’s office.  The Shot hears that Walker will serve as state director for McCain’s South Carolina crew.

 henry.jpg * Brad Henry:  Brad Henry is a long time Quinn operative who has also taken a leave from the Attorney General’s office to join the McCain team.  He will serve as McCain’s SC political director.

haskins.jpg * Brian Haskins:  Brian is the son of Representative Gloria Haskins and the late Representative Terry Haskins.  He is also on leave from the Attorney General’s office.  His facebook page notes that he is the McCain SC youth coordinator.

allen.jpg * Chris Allen: Chris is widely regarded as one of the nicest guys in SC politics.  The former Sanford body man was one of McCain’s first SC pickups.  We have yet to hear what his official role will be.

And of course there’s Richard Quinn, who will serve as senior adviser.

That’s all we know for now.  We will update you again as soon as we can.  And dont worry, the Romney team line-up is coming up next.

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