Glad our number is unlisted


The Boston Globe has a story today on the success of the Romney Campaign’s “dialin’ for dollars” effort yesterday.  With a goal of raising 1 million dollars in one day, Team Romney posted an impressive 6.5 million in commitments from supporters around the country.  The showing is definately a signal to the crowded field of Presidential wannabes that if you want to play, you are going to have to pay.

Even though there is little doubt that the other big dogs, such as McCain and Giuliani, should be able to raise the necessary flow; the event did leave the impression that Romney will be able to run a strong primary campaign from start to finish and that he is firmly in the upper echelon of Republican hopefuls.  It also says that he has the foundation in place to be a force in the battle for the conservative vote.  This may even go a long way in thinning the field below the top tier candidates, who will probably not be able to keep their heads above the rising tide of cash it will take to maintain true viability. 

We are also hearing that the Team Romney has some other shoes to drop coming soon. After all success begets success, right?

6.5 million?  Not bad for a days work. 

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