Oh Captain, My Captain…


Earlier this week we broke the news that a number of high level staffers were leaving the SCGOP.  The Shot has now confirmed, through numerous sources, that Hogan Gidley will be taking the reins as Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Gidley most recently served as Communications Director for Karen Floyd for Superintendent of Education.  The Floyd Campaign, who was heavily favored going into the November elections, suffered a defeat in what was the closest election in state history.  Gildley also served as former Governor Beasley’s spokesperson in his attempt to win the Republican primary for US Senate.  Beasley lost to then Congressman, Jim DeMint.

Hogan has long been known as an ally of Govenor Mike Huckabee, who has previously been sighted on the long list of Presidential hopefuls, but who has yet to begin raising money or building a foundation for such a bid. 

With the ’08 elections in full swing, and a host of internal issues to be resolved in the near future, Hogan will sure have his hands full navigating the choppy waters.

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5 Comments on “Oh Captain, My Captain…”

  1. mikey Says:

    will someone tell me why this guy was considered qualified?

  2. Tom Says:

    This is the same guy that used to stick it to DeMint pretty hard:

    Beasley spokesman Hogan Gidley dismissed DeMint’s comments as, “Another day, another false personal attack.

    “The DeMint campaign is the one profiting from trade deals with China. He voted for unfair foreign trade on three crucial votes and the special interest PAC money poured in,” Gidley said.

    Gidley said Beasley “has made it clear throughout this campaign that he favors free and fair trade, but Jim DeMint has voted three times for unfair trade.” He referred to DeMint’s U.S. House votes on trade pacts and fast-track presidential negotiating authority.

    “That’s the difference. David Beasley wants to grow our economy and protect our jobs, while trade policies backed by Congressman DeMint are growing China’s economy and sending our jobs overseas,” Gidley said

    He said following DeMint’s trade votes and change of heart on PAC donations, “the money came rolling in.”

  3. The Dude Says:

    From that picture above, Mr. Gidley was my hero growing up!

    “You betta watch out Joe Erwin, ’cause whatcha gonna do when the SCGOP runs wild over you!”

    I loved it when you dropped the flying meatball on the Iron Sheik.

  4. Kudos: to the SCGOP for selecting Hogan Gildey. I had the opportunity of working with Hogan, during the Floyd campaign, and he is extremely competent. He is a very bright, articulate, young man with a tremendous future. He is also a young Christian gentleman, who has compassion for all people, regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

  5. Lucas Jackson Says:

    This is a joke. Malyrick is the ED and will NOT step down. Not a chance. Hogan is a nice guy but will never be the the Executive Director of the SCGOP. You

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