I know it’s a 350 page budget, but you could have at least gotten to page THREE

Last week The State Newspaper and the Greenville News reported that Governor Mark Sanford was already butting head with the legislature over some backhanded comments appearing in his Executive Budget. When asked about the comments that offend the legislators, Sanford deflected the blame to the budget writers, saying he was not able to read the lengthy 350 page document before publication.

While I certainly understand that the Governor is far too busy to sit down and actually read the long, sleep-inducing budget; we would at least expect him to have gotten to page three of the Executive Summary which stated:

“This spending by the Legislature is unsustainable. These times of plenty will not roll on indefinitely. Yet during this past legislative session, when the state’s economy continued to improve and hundreds of millions of unanticipated new taxpayer dollars poured into state coffers and certified by the BEA, the commitment of many House Republicans’ to spending limit pledges went out the window. Faced with the choice of either spending the record-breaking flood of new revenue of remaining true to their pledge to limit state government spending to a reasonable level and return the excess to the taxpayers, many House Republicans decided to ignore their pledge. In days before the House first considered the budget, a House GOP leader (and one of the House budget conferees) actually said that the House had to spend all of the unexpected new revenues in order to beat the Senate to the punch – in other words, to put House members’ special projects in the best position of prevailing over Senate members’ special projects.

Governor, I respect you because you demand accountability from House and Senate members for their actions. However,with that being said, you should take accountability for your own actions. Chastising the Legislature is totally acceptable, but denying you did so you can maintain public overtones of a renewed amicability with its members is not. [Tim Cameron]

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