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It’s amazing how far behind the rest of the nation South Carolina is in using new media in politics and government.  Finally we have a state representative who is using the web the right way to connect with his constituents.  This litte site was designed by Under the Power Lines and the Queen herself, Laurin Manning.

 Here’s the release:

Freshman Representative Keith Kelly takes YouTube to the State House

(WOODRUFF, SC) – In February of 2005, three guys in their twenties created YouTube.  21 months later they sold it for $6.5 billion. YouTube caused the demise of George Allen’s US Senate re-election campaign, tilting the balance of the United States Senate.  Time magazine named ‘You’ ‘Person of the Year’ on December 25, 2006 because of YouTube.  On December 28, 2006, John Edwards announced his presidential campaign on YouTube.  Mitt Romney was attacked on YouTube on January 10, 2007. On January 11, 2007, he responded on YouTube.

And then on January 12, 2007 Keith Kelly announced that he is taking YouTube to the South Carolina state legislature.

Representative Keith Kelly today announced that he is transitioning his campaign website into a blog and YouTube vlog (video log) to communicate with his constituents more timely, efficiently, and effectively.  Representative Kelly launched his new website with two vlogs – one about his first day in the State House and one about the budget, property taxes, and the landfill.  The site also allows visitors to comment and tell Representative Kelly what’s on their minds.

“Too many times people are elected to office and forget about their constituents back home.  I won’t be one of those legislators. I’m going to listen to my constituents concerns and then work hard to get things done for Spartanburg County,” said Representative Kelly.

“Representative Kelly came to us with the objective of communicating better with his constituents.  He wants to know what their thinking and he wants them to know what he’s doing.  With new media technologies, we have developed a unique tool that no other state legislator is using,” said Wesley Donehue, Kelly’s advisor.

Visit the Kelly website at

The Kelly website was created by Laurin Manning of and Under the Power Lines Netroots | New Media.  Under the Power Lines also owns and operates


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