Friday Finals


A couple of interesting bits of information and a dash of speculation has made the day just fly by.  Of course, we felt like sharing.

We are hearing that the Florida State Legislature may have passed a measure, or will be bringing up a measure soon, that would move the date of their Primary up to late January.  This would effectively leap-frog, or at best crowd the stage, with South Carolina which holds its primary in early February. 

If true, this is huge news and would negatively affect SC.  We are trying to track down the story so stay tuned…Here is an AP story about the situation

Meanwhile, David Stanton over at has a post about the impending race for SCDP Chairman now that Joe Erwin has stated that he will not seek another term.  A couple of names of interest were Columbia attorney, Matthew Richards and perhaps more intriguing, Trav Robertson.  Robertson was long time aide de camp for Grady Paterson and is greatly respected in Democrat circles. 

What will Joe do?  Well according to The Hotline’s Daily Trioka, he may just offer himself for a run against Senator Lindsey Graham in 2008. 

Finally, everyone is double confirming what we already told you; Scott Malyerck is joining T-Rav at the Treasurer’s Office, and Stanton gives some props to Rep. Keith Kelly on his jump into e-politics.  Welcome Representative Kelly to the Blogosphere!

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4 Comments on “Friday Finals”

  1. Scott Malyerck Says:

    If Florida moves up into January, South Carolina says “Merry Christmas and don’t forget to vote!”

    We’re commited to being “First in the South” and nothing will get in the way of that.

  2. scchaser Says:

    We love the we you think! Kudos to the SCGOP!

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