Romney wins first 2007 GOP presidential straw poll


Tonight Aiken County held the first presidential straw poll of 2007. Here are the results:

Romney 11

Tancredo 5

Gingrich 4

McCain 3

Huckabee 2

Coburn 2 (write in)

Giuliani 1

Cheney 1 (write in)

Hunter 1

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9 Comments on “Romney wins first 2007 GOP presidential straw poll”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Wow. It looks like McCain came in 4th. I thought he was the frontrunner…

    Who the hell is Tancredo?

  2. Romney’s getting his 15 minutes. Looks like he’s managing his debut well.

    I was surprised when someone came up to me at a meet and greet for NY Governor Pataki on Hilton Head last year and said Romney would be one to watch.

  3. Vicki Says:

    Congressman Tom Tancredo represents the 6th District of Colorado and his stand against the growing threat of illegal aliens has earned him a position of great respect among many conservatives. He may be reached through his Congressional website,, or, a Political Action Committee dedicated to defending our borders and protecting American jobs.

  4. Bob Barnwell Says:

    This is about as worthless information as I have seen in a long time. Thirty people showed up in Aiken for this. Wow. Trust me, Romney campaign is going no where. As soon as real Republicans learn how he flip flops on the important issues, his campaign will be over. Another Kerry-like from Massachusetts.

  5. Jason Says:

    Sounds like someone needs a nap. Calm down Bob, we all know that staw polls mean crap. However they are an indicator of ground game within the party. Again, does that mean crap? Maybe, maybe not.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Jason is right. You need to calm down a little. Read what you wrote because I don’t believe you mean it. Your comparrison to John Kerry is correct one in a way. John Kerry got his parties nomination just like Romney will get the republican nomination. Thanks for seeing into the future for us oh great one. What other indicators do you have to prove that Romney is going no where fast? Please do list them before you blabber.

  7. Roseana Says:

    Personally, I think that Romney is a great guy. And if he does run, i will voting for him. He has a sparkle clean record…. and as far as “flip floping” i dont believe that he does. He has great veiws about some issues that face us. He is a great guy and desurves your vote

  8. Mike Says:, The Boston Globe says “Romney campaigned for governor as an abortion-rights supporter but said he changed his position two years ago after considering embryonic stem-cell research.” so I guess this just depends on how you define “flip-flop.”

  9. Laura Says:

    I watched an interview with him and he was asked about the accusations of being a flip-flopper. He said that he has indeed changed his view on things, but that should be normal in many situations. You live and learn. Once having the oppurtunity to learn more about a situation he has realized that his prior beliefs were not correct (in his mind) and choose to change his stance. That’s human nature, many of us don’t have the same opinions as we did last year and I think it’s a good thing to evolve in opinions, it shows you are open to new thoughts and not set in your ways. And at least he had enough balls to admit he was wrong. I think he is a good man and support him in his run.

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