More on Jim Ritchie


It looks like Dan Hoover picked up on our post yesterday about Jim Ritchie and went fishing.

Also, there’s a pretty good interview with audio clips over here.
Is he or isn’t he?

State Sen. Jim Ritchie, R-Spartanburg, has been taking soundings about a possible run for governor in four years, according to Republicans who say they’re aware of his phone calls.

Ritchie said he’s calling to promote a fundraising event for his 2008 re-election campaign. Only that.

“I’m just trying to call people to catch up on legislation, get things in line for re-election,” said. As for any speculation beyond that, it’s “just a lot of folks out talking.”

Some activists describe Ritchie as being in the very early stage of assessing the viability of the move, especially in a race almost certain to attract more widely known figures. A back-up position could be a run for attorney general when incumbent Henry McMaster makes an expected bid for governor.

So, is Ritchie interested in running for governor when Mark Sanford’s second term ends?

“I’m interested in serving and I think I can continue to make a contribution to our state’s future. I’m honored to be where I am now in the Senate and we’ll see what the opportunities are in the years ahead. If a lot of people talking about the future of South Carolina, that’s’ great.”

“It’s too early for specifics,” Ritchie added.

Notice, we didn’t hear a ‘No’ there.

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