At least they aren’t ALL full of it


The Chicago Sun-Times has a disappopinting article today, by Robert Novak, covering what was to be the shining center piece of Democrat reforms in the US Congress now that the suckers voting public have put them back in their rightful place of power.   Apparently “ethics reform” just ain’t a priority anymore.

Senator Reid was just kidding when he said from the Senate floor:

“The American people are watching this debate in the Senate, and they
are expecting real, meaningful results. They aren’t interested in quick
fixes, or window dressing, or in a few public relations moves. They want
bold changes. They want us to fundamentally alter the way business is done
in the nation’s capitol, and to ensure that the people’s interests — not
the special interests — always come first in the Halls of Congress.”

He must have been kidding, because the Senate bill does none of what it promised to do.  From the Sun-Times:

“The Senate version mandates transparency only for the few projects listed in legislation and not the accompanying reports. That would ignore up to 98 percent of the 12,852 earmarks in the last Congress. Reid launched his career as majority leader last Thursday with a furious fight to preserve this condition.”  

Furthermore, when South Carolina’s junior Senator, Jim DeMint, along with Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, attempted to shore up the giant holes in the reform bill; they were personally shot down by Reid through a series of procedural maneuvers.  So shaky was Reid’s position that, Senators Obama and Feingold voted against him. 

What might prove to be even more interesting will be to see if Senator Reid can hold the newly elected Democrat Senators in place.  After all, they are largely centrist/conservative Democrats who ran on a platform of ethics reform and fiscal discipline.  This failure (perhaps purposely) to put forward a bill that would change the way business is done in Washington (see quote above) is not a good start toward fulfilling those promises.

Kudos to Senator DeMint for holding the line on out of control spending.  Keep it up and your star might be on the rise.

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