Dan Hoover asks ‘Is Sanford abandoning McCain?’


There’s no doubt that John McCain is the frontrunner in SC right now. He’s been soaking up endorsements and lining up a strong team headed by Richard Quinn and Trey Walker. Lindsey Graham and Henry McMaster are putting the figure-four on any and all legislators and key activists. One activist tells us that McMaster calls them 3 times a week saying ‘there’s always room on the Straight Talk Express.” National stories even indicate that the Quinn camp is trying to beat Katon Dawson into submission.

One noticeably missing endorsement glaring McCain in the face is Governor Mark Sanford. Sanford was an ardent McCain supporter in 2000. Why has he been so shy this year? Has there been a change of heart?

Check out Dan Hoover’s latest blog entry and tell us what you think?



Sanford on the presidential fence

Republican Gov. Mark Sanford isn’t rushing to jump onto anyone’s presidential bandwagon.

“He isn’t sure he’s going to get active,” says Jason Miller, a top aide and manager of Sanford’s 2006 re-election campaign.

That’s a far cry from 2000 when Sanford was in the U.S. House of Representatives and was a vociferous supporter of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s quest for the nomination, eventually won by then Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Is he abandoning McCain?

“Right now, he’s focused on the current legislative session and he hasn’t made any decision as to who he’s going to back or if he’s even going to get involved at all,” according to Miller.

Why not?

“Because he’s focused on being governor.”

Does that mean he wasn’t focused on congressional matters when he was an ardent McCain ally in 2000?

“I love your questions. He’s focused on being governor.”

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