Will Wilson Endorse Duncan Hunter for President?


In a January 10th press release Congressman Joe Wilson gave Congressman Duncan Hunter a shout out:

“Last week, I joined with House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Duncan Hunter and 26 other House Republicans in encouraging the President to move more Iraqi forces into Baghdad.  I was pleased to hear this is exactly what will happen.  Through combat experience, Iraqi forces will mature and will more quickly assume full control of Iraq’s security.”

Wilson, who serves with Hunter on the Armed Services Committee, mentioned Hunter’s name in what could be considered an attempt to inject the Presidential hopeful into the media of South Carolina. While it is not unusual for Congressional members to gather for major political events of this nature, including other attending members’ names in a press release is normally uncommon (especially if that person happens to be a declared candidate for President). Wilson originally had endorsed former Sen. George Allen, but with his defeat this past November, Allen is no longer a viable candidate for the Republican Nomination.

Although this name drop in a press release is far from a public endorsement, it gives an idea to the direction Wilson currently is leaning towards. Wilson and Hunter do have a close relationship on the Hill, and their past work together could lead Wilson to get behind this “dark horse” candidate. Wilson represents the Second Congressional District, which includes key primary counties of Lexington, Richland, and Beaufort. 

[Tim Cameron]

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