Laurin Manning and The Shot are getting some national lovin’


The Daily Troika: News and Names Edition

Rep. Jim McCrery (R-LA), the ranking member on the Ways and Means cmte, will be the chief House endorsement whip for Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney. Also endorsing Romney: Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) and Buck McKeon (R-CA).

Another prominent social conservative joins Sen. John McCain’s IA operation. Maxine Sieleman was founder of the IA chapter of Concerned Women for America and has been, per McCain’s team, “”a leading voice on Iowa Christian radio for the last 25 years.” (Take that, Dobson).

Said Sieleman: “After considerable research, reflection, and prayer I determined that Senator McCain was the clear choice for conservatives and Iowa families. He is the one candidate who has a consistent record of supporting pro-life, pro-family legislation.”

The next SC Dem chair: Carol Khare Fowler? Matthew Richardson?

Will Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) provide Duncan Hunter with an attention-getting endorsement in SC?

In Obama-land, Paul Tewes is running IA for the Illinois Senator. In NH, it’s TBD. In SC, we nominate Laurin Manning.

And in Biden world, Marion Steinfels, ex-comm. dir for Joe Lieberman’s Senate race and a former aide to Tom Vilsack, will handle press duties for Biden’s expected presidential bid.

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3 Comments on “Laurin Manning and The Shot are getting some national lovin’”

  1. GregHD Says:

    You deserve it.

  2. scchaser Says:

    Thanks Greg. We have been working hard and we deeply appreciate the compliment. Now go grab a bottle of vodka, a lemon, and some sugar …watch the state of the state address, and take a lemon drop shot everytime Governor Sanford makes a reference to Thomas Friedman.

    And don’t come back here drunk posting afterward.

  3. scchaser Says:

    10 minutes in Greg and you can go ahead and take 3 shots.

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