The rise of the machines

OK, its not really about our electronics going all whack-job on civilization and enslaving us for energy or anything, but we thought it made an interesting title. What we are talking about is the ability for political junkies, concerned citizens, activists, and amateur reporters to use new tools to have a powerful affect on the world around us.  So much so, that journalists have you bookmarked for daily reading and campaigns have entire e-plans for harnessing this powerful market.

Using YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and any number of blog hosting sites, the free flow of information and analysis is moving at light-speed, and we think that is a great thing.  Bloggers have been credited with taking down longtime Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman in his Primary race, and some of the most breaking news can often be found first on someone’s homepage. 

Here in South Carolina, there have been so many bloggers that deserve praise for working hard to bring us news and analysis on a daily basis.  The LaurinLine, SChotline, CrunchyGOP, Dems in the South, The Body Politic, and Seeding Spartanburg are but a few in a long list of influence makers here in this state. 

Now, a new type of blog has been created that provides a very interesting opportunity for the Presidential campaigns to disseminate information directly to voters via South Carolina ’08; a website created by long-time blogger and Queen of all this is good in the world, Laurin Manning.  SC’08 is a community forum where bloggers and campaigns alike have the ability to post their writings for all to see, without the filter of news reporters and editors.  We think this is a brilliant opportunity and hope to see folks take full advatage of it, ultimately making this state a leader in blogosphere for political participation.  All too often, reporters ignore press releases from campaigns, and citizens feel discouraged after reading the paper or watching the news.  Here, both candidate and voter alike have the opportunity to spread their message and respond in real time and without edit.  In addition, with Ms. Manning behind the wheel, you know its going to be first class and that readers will come.

 We hope to see this catch on and are glad to help promote this in any way we can.

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