SC Power Broker: Gresham Barrett


Congressman Gresham Barrett (R-03) is certainly cut from the conservative cloth.  He represents the 3rd Congressional District which spans from the uber-Republican areas of Pickens and Anderson Counties down to Aiken County.  He is very popular within his district and has a reputation of being a stick to your guns principles type of guy.  We heard that Congressman Barrett was once cornered by the Congressional GOP leadership and offered a plum committee assignment (or anything he wanted for that matter) if he would only vote for the Medicaid BoondoggleBill and he flat out refused.  Anyway you slice it, he is a force in the GOP, and with the rumors of a Gubernatorial bid in his future; his star here at home is on the rise.

All of this makes his endorsement a quixotic one.  After all, being known for your steadfast conservatism, honesty, and ambition is a rare thing these days.  Looking at the breakdown, we know that he has narrowed his choice to Senator McCain and Governor Romney (he said as much here), but what we don’t know is which factors will play in his decision making process.  We thought it would be fun to analyze this like a Sicilian when death is on the line:

Everyone knows that Barrett is a conservative and Romney is courting the conservative vote, so clearly he must choose the cup in front of Romney. 

However, since Barrett knows that he wants to run for Governor and a number of key players have sided with McCain, clearly he must choose the cup in front of McCain. 

Ah-hah, but knowing that a number of McCainiacs are also potential candidates for Governor in 2010, it is obvious that he must choose the cup in front of Romney. 

But wait we’re just getting started! 

What we don’t know is whether the evangelical voting base will trust a Mormon, so clearly he cannot choose the cup in front of Romney.

But knowing that McCain went through a bitter primary in 2000 in South Carolina that left scars with Republican voters, it is obvious that he cannot choose the cup in front of McCain….

Well we all know how that ended up in the movie.  Anyone else got a guess?

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