The Shot’s Weekend Pickoff


Last week I was batting .500; this weekend I’m looking to go 2/2 in the conference championship games.

AFC Conference Championship
New England @ Indianapolis

Could this finally be Peyton Manning’s year? His play thus far in the playoffs has been sub-par, but he has found ways to win. New England has also played less than perfect, but Tom Brady doesn’t know how to lose. A key play-call last week on the two point conversion tied the game against San Diego, and Brady drove the team down for the game winning field goal.

Two things are for certain in this game; Tom Brady knows how to win and Bill Belichick could be Peyton Manning’s father.

New England will continue its dominance of the Colts with their defense.

New England: 23
Indianapolis: 16

NFC Conference Championship
New Orleans @ Chicago

Is New Orleans a team of destiny? They have had a magnificent season thus far and a Super Bowl win would be the king of feel good stories. But unfortunately they have to travel to Soldier Field and face Chicago, whose defense will stifle Reggie Bush. This game could be close, but the Bears are playing solid football and should take care of New Orleans.

Chicago: 27
New Orleans: 23

[Franklin Buchanan]

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5 Comments on “The Shot’s Weekend Pickoff”

  1. fandango Says:

    What’s next, movie reviews? Why stop with politics-you could be the next Siskel and Ebert.

  2. scchaser Says:

    We thought about doing reviews of local watering holes in the area, but we can never remember enough about what happened to post.

    We got this last week too. Is it our picks?

  3. Jay W. Ragley Says:

    Buchanan, you’re wrong again. It’s a Colts-Saints Super Bowl man.

  4. Franklin Says:

    Nice try Jay W. At halftime the Pats are blasting the Colts and Chicago has already won.

  5. Jay W. Ragley Says:

    We both went 1-1.

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