Another Hannibal

We try not to stray away from politics, except for our occassional sports ramblings, but we were too excited not to bring this one to you.

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2 Comments on “Another Hannibal”

  1. I can probablay live just fine without seeing that in theaters.

    There’s enough real evil around us in the world every day and the “news” media is only too happy to bring it to us for free (except in the cases where such disclosures of reality would support Bush’s effort to do something about it).

  2. scchaser Says:

    Mike – thanks for the comments. We just checked out your blog. Good stuff man. We will be sure to link to you often.

    Sorry about the evil post here. We do find something a little evil about eating people. But we have to admit…there’s something pretty friggin cool about Hannibal Lecter.

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