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Dan Hoover is reporting that Adam Temple has become McCain’s SC press secretary. 

DeMint aide defects to McCain
Ten days after he endorsed the presidential aspirations of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint has lost an aide to Arizona Sen. John McCain’s growing South Carolina organization.

Deputy Communications Director Adam Temple, who worked out of DeMint’s Columbia office, will become press secretary for McCain’s South Carolina presidential primary campaign.

“It came down to the feeling that Sen. McCain is the leader to guide our nation,” Temple said.

He said the departure was amicable and described DeMint as “a great boss (who was) tough to leave.”

DeMint, in a statement issued by his offices, saud that Temple “has been a valuable member of my staff and I wish him well. I know he will do as good a job for Sen. McCain as he has for me.”
DeMint’s endorsement of Romney, who runs in the single digits in virtually all polls, came two months after he vainly sought to slow down front-runner McCain’s inroads into the state GOP establishment. McCain has the backing of an array of major party activists, elected officials and bankrollers, many of whom scorned him in the 2000 primary to support future President George W. Bush.

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2 Comments on “The Crew | Adam Temple”

  1. Let’s have a good old fashioned southern competition in SC’s 2008 GOP prez sweepstakes.

    The last thing we need is an annointing of John McCain in the first conservative primary.

    I’m happy DeMint is going with Romney. Now, whose going to lead Guiliani’s effort?

    I’m available.

  2. Tom Says:

    “It came down to the feeling that Sen. McCain is the leader to guide our nation.”

    Translation: “John McCain is paying me a crap ton more than the federal government.”

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