A Daily Shot welcomes…

We here at The Shot are honored to be able to announce that the National Journal’s The Hotline has chosen our website to be its exclusive partner for South Carolina news and politics.  As of today, The Shot will be a part of The Hotline’s Political Network.

Everyone involved in politics, from elected officials to political junkies, knows The Hotline and their work as the national leader in providing the best political news coverage on the Internet.  In an effort to to provide the best coverage of the Presidential races, The Hotline has built an elite headquarters for national readers to get the most up-to-date news directly from local sources.  They are selecting the best political news websites from each state to serve in the political network.  We are excited to say that The Shot will be their eyes and ears on the ground in South Carolina.

Obviously this is big news for us and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to bring South Carolina politics to the national stage.  Our goal has always been to provide the best political news and analysis  irregardless of politcal party.  It hasn’t always been easy, after all, we have all been neck deep political fights for our Party and candidates.  However, we understand that South Carolina was lacking a web-based news source that was fair to all sides and that provided cutting edge original content.  Furthermore, our political community has lacked in utilizing the new media and all the tools at our fingertips.  That time is over and as we move forward, The Shot will remain on the cutting edge of bringing our readers the best political coverage in real time.

The Shot would like to give props to Laurin Manning, who has been a fixture in e-politics for many years.  She tipped off The Hotline to our little corner of the Internet and for that we are grateful.  We are just happy we have been able to live up to her recommendation and earn the respect of the national players.

Finally, all of this leads us to issue a call to all of you bloggers and operatives, both Democrat and Republican, to come and be a part of our expanding net-roots community.  We welcome your tips, information, and even writing contributions.  If you have something to say; let The Shot be your outlet for saying it.

Grab your shades folks, because the future is bright…

View Press Release here.

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