SCRG on the issues, off the attacks


After years of stalled bills, Randy Page and the boys at SCRG finally realized that Howie Rich’s negative ads and mail bashing legislators won’t get them anywhere in passing school choice legislation. Today they released two new ads focused on the real ISSUE of school choice. We’re sure JJ Darby and the other SCRG lobbyists are smiling. This should give them a little better atmosphere to work in.

Voice for School Choice – Moms

Voice for School Choice – Dads



Columbia – South Carolinians for Responsible Government (SCRG) today unveiled two new radio ads that highlight the importance of expanding parental choice in South Carolina beyond the limited options available to parents within the public school system. Both ads are running statewide and begin their full rotation this week

SCRG President Randy Page issued the following statement on the new ads:

“It’s becoming incredibly popular to say you’re for school choice in South Carolina these days, and that’s a good thing. It shows that our message is resonating when opponents of real school choice like Superintendent Jim Rex have been forced to embrace it.

But people need to know what real school choice is – and what it isn’t.

For example, supporting school choice strictly within the public system is not supporting school choice. Choosing between one failing school or the other is not a choice, nor is being told that the ‘good’ public school you wish for your child to attend is already full.

In addition to highlighting the need for choices beyond the scant options available within the public school system, these ads also draw attention to the inconsistent and hypocritical state policy that denies support to families receiving a non-governmental K- 12 education, but subsidizes a non-public pre-school and college education.

In making these and other key points over the months to come, we look forward to maintaining a strong and steady presence on South Carolina’s airwaves.”

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