The Crew | K-Flo rumor confirmed


The politico is confirming what we told you last week. Karen Floyd will be a consultant for Rudy Giuliani in SC.  Can we say “Barry Wynn?”

In South Carolina, Giuliani plans to announce that Karen Floyd, a public relations consultant who lost a bid last year for state office, has joined to help raise money and navigate Palmetto State politics.

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4 Comments on “The Crew | K-Flo rumor confirmed”

  1. mikey Says:

    yeah, i’m impressed with her ability to wage an effective campaign where she is able to communcate issues, recruit support and sway voters.

    rudy must’ve written off South Carolina. if not, he will be soon enough.

  2. GregHD Says:

    K-Flo doesn’t have the overwhelming need that some politicos have to jump on the nearest bandwagon. This is one reason I like her.

  3. mikey Says:

    greg, you’re right. she just expects them to hop on hers, and pony up big bucks for the privilege.

    … and you can bet rudy will pony up lots of those bucks, and in the end, have as much to show as k-flo’s high-spending, kool-aid-drinking campaign from last year did.

  4. GregHD Says:

    Mikey, ya got a bit of a mean streak goin’ on there.

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