Merry Christmas! …and don’t forget to vote

Don't Tread on Me! 

Some time ago we brought up the movement by the state of Florida to advance its primary schedule to either leap-frog South Carolina’s or put it on the same day/week.  It is beginning to look like our state will be having more company.  The Hotline is reporting that CA, IL, FL and NJ are all looking at moving their primaries to the beginning of February.

I know these guys think that our southern hospitality knows no bounds, but this is ridiculous.  The number of delegates these states carry will knock South Carolina from the spotlight as candidates look to try and pull out victories in the bigger media markets.   The national parties have threatened those states with a reduction in the number of delegates that would be seated, but it does not seem to have caused even a blink.

When we first reported this Scott Malyerck, former ED for the SCGOP, commented:

Scott Malyerck Says:
January 12th, 2007 at 10:40 pm

If Florida moves up into January, South Carolina says “Merry Christmas and don’t forget to vote!”

We’re commited to being “First in the South” and nothing will get in the way of that.

We absolutely appreciate the commitment to keeping this state relevant in the fight for the White House, and we should press forward if need be.  However, when does it end?  After a few cycles the first primary will be a week after the swearing-in. 

Then national parties need to come up with a better punitive system for dealing with these states.  Perhaps not seating any of their delegates, thus making their primary null and void?  Perhaps that is a thought for the future, but right now; we need to fight to make sure we remain an early and individual primary.

UPDATE:  From the NY Times:

The changes, which seem all but certain to be enacted by state legislatures, mean that the presidential candidates face the prospect of going immediately from an ordered series of early contests in relatively small states in January to a single-day, coast-to-coast battlefield in February, encompassing some of the most expensive advertising markets in the nation.

Read the article here.

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