State College Republican Officers asked to Resign


Dear Fellow College Republicans,

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Co-Chairman of the University of South Carolina College Republicans over the past year. We have had an historic election, winning all but one election and taking back the Treasurer’s Office, an office that has been dominated by a Democrat for most of the last 40 years. The reelection of Governor Sanford further solidified the GOP as the dominant party in our great state.

The College Republicans remain the premier grassroots activists here in South Carolina. Our chapter alone turned out hundreds of volunteers this past cycle, and remains one of the largest chapters in the southeast. They will be in good hands with new Chairman George Parrish leading the group up to the 2008 election, where the GOP will retake Congress and send another conservative Republican to the White House.

I am leaving with one concern. Recently, a group of College Republicans publicly endorsed Senator John McCain’s bid for the Presidency. I attended the meeting with Senator McCain that was organized and came away impressed with him. According to Article IX, Section 2 of the CRCSC Constitution, however, no CRCSC member is permitted to endorse any candidate prior to the Republican Primary. Officers of the College Republicans are not permitted to endorse candidates for any office prior to the primary; therefore I am calling for the immediate resignation of the following officers:

State Chairman Vic Bailey
State Executive Director Josh Dix
State Treasurer Alex Lewis
State Communications Director Joey Turner

It is unfortunate that this situation occurred, but I feel that the right thing must be done.

Best Regards,

Bob Jackman
Outgoing Co-Chairman
USC College Republicans.

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6 Comments on “State College Republican Officers asked to Resign”

  1. Shady Pie Says:


  2. […] it’s not actually a scandal yet, but I’d love for this to blow up. The Chaser has posted a letter by outgoing USC CR Co-Chairman Bob Jackman calling on Vic Bailey (SC CR […]

  3. Ellie May Says:

    Didn’t this happen awhile back? Those college republicans always seem to be trying to screw each other over.

  4. Susie Says:

    This is an outrage! Clearly this is a vast right wing conspiracy against these fine young Republicans which must not be tolerated!

  5. Dear, Shady Pie, Ellie May, & Susie

    Why have a primary System at all ?, if the GOP party Officiers decide on their own who the Candidate should be !

    The sited practice is the quickest way in the world to bust up an otherwise practical and functional organization. It doesn’t mean that you/they can’t prefer one candidate over another but they must

  6. MC.Money Says:

    The state CR constitution says that a chapter as a whole cannot endorse candidates. Individual members are free to work for or endorse whomever they wish. Please refer to former CR state chair Thad Wilson’s follow-up post on Our state’s CR exec. board members have done a fantastic job of being open and receptive to both primary and general election candidates looking for grassroot efforts from the organization.

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