Mitt Romney picks up big names in Charleston


Putting two and two together: Romney gets Edwards and Hartnett

Last week we received an advisory for a press conference today where Mitt Romney will announce “key endorsements of Charleston area leaders.”  This weekend we received a copy of an invitation to an event after the press conference. 

Putting two and two together, we can only imagine that the hosts listed on the invitation are the Charleston area leaders endorsing Romney.

If true, this would be a big score for the Romney folks. In a time when the McCain campaign is locking down big name endorsements left and right, Romney may have just a landed a couple of heavyweights himself – Governor Jim Edwards & Congressman Tommy Hartnett.

Jim Edwards was South Carolina’s first Republican Governor since Reconstruction ended and is credited with beginning the march toward Republican dominance in this state. He would certainly give solid credentials to a presidential hopeful. Similarly, Hartnett is another well known name in the ranks of the GOP. He is a former Congressman from the 1st Congressional District and a known commodity in the lowcountry.

Edwards and Hartnett were the state co-chairmen of Jim DeMint’s 2004 Senate campaign.

Also listed on the invitation are top lowcountry fundraisers Bill Hewitt, Dick Coen, and Richard Coen as well as Charleston political figures Larry Richter and Henry Fishburne.

SCGOP national executive committeewoman Cindy Costa is also a host for the event.  She was named a Romney supporter last week.

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3 Comments on “Mitt Romney picks up big names in Charleston”

  1. Yep Says:

    Did yall walk down the hall again to ask about this one?

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