On Union and Restructuring, II

“The cords of Union have been ripped asunder.”  -John C. Calhoun.

Not to be overly dramatic by dragging up the spirit of Calhoun himself, but we started the theme with the first title, and now that our Legislature has refused to even consider giving in to the will of the people, the quote above felt quite appropriate. 

It has become clear that the Legislature will not work with the Governor, our state will not take the neccessary steps to reform its ways, and the cords of union that tie our state together are gone; at least under the copper dome.  Five years into the Governor’s tenure as Chief Executive of this  state, the Legislature has decided out of hand to reject the centerpiece of his agenda.  Nothing new, right?  Except this time (all kindergarten games aside) the SC Senate has decided that not only is the Governor not able to decide what’s best for the state, but we must not be smart enough to decide either.

Last week, on the heels of a conciliatory State of the State Address and in a time where our elected leaders had a chance to make progress by taking the issue of restructuring state government and putting it in our hands; they opted for playing the “gotcha” game.  A bridge too far in our minds.

You see, our leaders argue that consolidation of constitutional offices amounts to circumventing the will of the people.  Yet, and this is a doozy, that is exactly what they opted for last week.  They could not even stomach so much as to let the voters decide who they would ultimately vote for?  OK, we are getting dizzy on the staggering logic on displayed here. 

Enough is enough.  We have not been cheerleaders for the Governor in years past and, in fact, we have been quite critical of the way he has gone about “working” with the Legislature.  However, we are neither blind, deaf, or dumb (well according to the Senate we may be).  We feel the voters can wrap their heads around the issue of restructuring, so why not vote on it?  Why make passionate speeches about preserving the will of the people on one hand only to turn around and mock the ability of the people to determine their own course of action?

Hear that?  Sounds like the cords of union within our own state are breaking at this very moment.  -For shame.

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