Some morning musings


We have been hammering here and there on the “Presidential Primary Boogie” going on around the country where FL, NJ, IL, and CA are all trying to get a piece of the early primary love.  To make matters worse for South Carolina; we found out that SD now wants in as well.  Apparently they have previously tried to have an early Primary date, only to find out that people still didn’t care.  Come on folks, it’s South Dakota!

And, over on South Carolina ’08 a battle is raging about the SChotline’s struggle to remain relevant as a legitimate source for Internet news.  Apparently, randomly posting video that looks juicy just for the sake of having video on your site doesn’t always pay out.  All we can say is that there is always room for more over here when it comes to real news lovin’. So when you guys get done fighting, we will be here.

That’s it for now….we need more coffee.

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