The Crew | McCain rolls out 40 State House endorsements

Here they are folks:

Speaker Bobby Harrell

Speaker Pro-Tempore Doug Smith

Majority Leader Jim Merrill

Bruce Bannister

Kenny Bigham

Joan Brady

Catherine Ceips

Converse Chellis

Bill Cotty

Kris Crawford

Tom Dantzler

Ralph Davenport

Tracy Edge

Marion Frye

Mike Gambrell

Carl Gullick

Ben Hagood

Nelson Hardwick

Jim Harrison

Gloria Haskins

Bill Herbkersman

Shirley Hinson

Phillip Lowe

Jay Lucas

Joe Mahaffrey

Gene Pinson

Mike Pitts

Wallace Scarborough

Gary Simrill

Donald Smith

Garry Smith

Murrell Smith

Roland Smith

Adam Taylor

Mac Toole

David Umphlett

Thad Viers

Bill Whitmire

Bill Witherspoon

Annette Young

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One Comment on “The Crew | McCain rolls out 40 State House endorsements”

  1. Shady Pie Says:

    Bobby Harrell and John McCain have one glaring thing in common. They are both about as exciting as a dead moth.

    President McCain and Governor Harrell. Wow. Can you imagine the press conferences if those 2 get elected?

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