The new straight talker….


Too bad he is going to be run out of town as a racist.

The New York Observer has a great interview with Senator Joe Biden.  This guy just calls it like he sees it, which we thought was refreshing even though we disagree with him politically.  But that never flys in the land of PC-ville.

Biden’s problem now is that the Obama campaign has given the signal for the press to play the race card in repsonse to his comments about Senator Obama being clean and articulate.  More or less the campaign responded in an email implying that Biden’s remarks were racist code. 

“Senator Obama opposed the Iraq War from Day 1 and has articulated clear principles in how to address the tragic mistakes President Bush has made there.” And as for rest—including Mr. Biden’s use of the words “articulate” and “nice-looking” to describe the Senator from Illinois—the spokesman said, “Senator Biden’s words speak for themselves.”

Biden should have found better words to use, because we all know “articulate” means that you don’t like black people.

He is probably toast.  Too bad, we would have enjoyed his type of plain speak on the campaign trail.

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One Comment on “The new straight talker….”

  1. steve Says:

    So, are they going to move his image to dirty, inarticulate and butt ugly? Biden is by no means a racist, but maybe his judgement could be in question. Will Rogers advice comes to mind: ” take any oppurtunity to shut up that comes your way”.

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