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The Upstate folks are pissed off

February 28, 2007


Good ‘ole Dan Hoover has a piece on his blog about the possibility that Andre Bauer might be drafted to run against Congressman Bob Inglis.  It almost reads as if he was cheering him on as well. 

This is interesting to us.  We always knew that Andre had little ideas of running for Congress dancing in his head, but we just assumed that it would be the First Congressional District.  Andre owns property (his primary residence we believe) in Charleston and we just assumed that when Henry Brown retired, Rod Shealy had his candidate already lined up.

Now, it seems the entire right wing is up in arms over Inglis’ stance on Iraq and the buzz around the Upstate is “Run Andre, Run!”  We think this fervor will cool down a bit, and we honestly believe that your residence is a factor irregardless of constitutionality.  But it sure is interesting to think about.  No matter how early; we bet Bob Inglis will be thinking about how much he doesnt want to run against the Comeback Kid.


Mr. Wilson gets his blog on

February 28, 2007


We always like to point out examples of blogging and new media becoming more mainstream and this would certainly be one of them.  It came to our attention that The Hill newspaper hosts a blog specifically for Members of Congress.  What’s suprising, is that Congressman Joe Wilson has a pretty good piece up there.

We could actually see Congressman Wilson being a pretty good conservative blogger, because he is deffinately not afraid to serve up the red meat.  Perhaps his press aide, Kim Olive, will talk him into starting up his own. 

Somehow we doubt that.

SCGOP picks up David Hill

February 28, 2007


The SCGOP has finally replaced Jay W. Ragley with an experienced operative needed during the first in the South presidential primary and what is now looking like the first serious GOP presidential debate.  David Hill will join Katon’s staff this week as political director.

David Hill is a former Bush operative, working on both the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, serving as Associate Director of Operations on the latter.  In between campaigns David worked in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.

The Crew| Hunter inks the Bonnie Blue

February 28, 2007


Bonnie Blue Public Relations has signed on to be the General Consultant in South Carolina for Congressman Duncan Hunter’s Presidential bid.  BBPR is run by Robert Cahaly, a well known political consultant from the Upstate. 

 We know these guys probably think we have been tough on Hunter recently, but we are hoping to see BBPR clean up the gaffs now that they have some local help on the payroll.    Remember, crazy people and microphones do not mix.

McCain condemns bigoted attacks by Haskins and Mosteller

February 28, 2007


John McCain has condemned attacks against Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.  As you can see from the article below, those condemnations include bigoted comments made by Representative Gloria Haskins and Charleston County GOP Chairwoman Cyndi Mosteller.

Thomas Burr points out that Haskins “is not a paid staffer or spokesperson for the campaign.”  Maybe not, but that guy in the picture next to her sure is. Yeah, that’s her son Brian.


McCain goes YouTube

February 28, 2007

You will probably remember that our biggest complaint about was the inability to share and embed his videos. Well they fixed that today with the launch of a new YouTube site. Check it out.

Fear the Faux Bloggers

February 27, 2007


A buddy passed along an interesting article from the Boston Globe today about faux bloggers posing as part of the genuine netroots community, only to be found out as paid operatives.  Okay, not a whole lot of suprises, but our buddy got a big kick out of it because of the recent paranoid-psychotic comments from the McCain campain about us being a “sleeper blog cell.”(see the front page of The Shot)

Come to find out, the culprits in the article were none other than paid McCain operatives.  

WASHINGTON — Erick Erickson has been running the popular blog long enough to know what his readers’ postings sound like: red-meat conservative rhetoric served up with a little dash of populist anger.

So when postings from an unknown writer on the site showed up praising Senator John McCain — one of the site’s least-popular Republicans for his deviations from hard-core conservative orthodoxy — Erickson thought he smelled a rat.

Or maybe a sock puppet, shill, or a troll — Web slang for bloggers who pretend to be grass-roots political commentators but instead are paid public relations agents.

The author of the pro-McCain articles on, Erickson determined after a Google search, was a Michigan political operative whose firm worked for McCain’s political action committee.

Go figure….read the rest of the article below the flip.