Is Thomas Ravenel “lame”?


We stumbled across this in the Columbia City Paper and thought it was pretty funny, so we are sharing it with you.  Evidentially Maxim thinks that our boy T-Rav is pretty lame.

MAXIM: S.C. state treasure “lame”

Number 41 this month in Maxim magazine’s “50 Lamest Things of All Time” pretty much sums up South Carolina’s newly elected state treasurer, Thomas Ravenel.  “During the last election, seven different states voted in favor of ballot initiatives stating that stabbing to death anyone who uses this phrase [“That’s just the way I roll”] is justifiable homicide. After all, brutally snuffing out the life of a fellow human being would be just their way of rolling,” the magazine editors write.

While he was campaigning in 2006, 44-year-old Ravenel told The State newspaper’s political reporter, Aaron Gould Sheinin, “That’s how I operate, that’s how I roll. That’s how Thomas Ravenel rolls.”

We’d like to officially take this column inch to congratulate Mr. Ravenel on his recent victory and for joining cell phone holsters, popped collars and Kanye West as being ridiculously lame.


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One Comment on “Is Thomas Ravenel “lame”?”

  1. McCainsackedbyNightTrain Says:

    What a tool.

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