Rudy It’s a Fundraiser not a “Fun” Raiser


At the SCGOP one of the first things I learned about fundraising was to purpose of having a fundraiser was to raise money not to have a good time. Did Rudy miss this lession? Ben Smith at the Politico reported this today.

A Fundraiser from Rudy’s Past
Cristyne L. Nicholas will be hosting a campaign fundraiser for her former boss, Rudy Giuliani, according to sources familiar with the planned event.

Nicholas is the former Cristyne Lategano, familiar to readers of the New York tabloids (and avid viewers of the USA Network) as Rudy’s former communications director and the “former staffer” alleged by Giuliani’s ex-wife to have had an affair with the Mayor. (Giuliani and Nicolas always denied the allegation.)

More recently, she was the city’s top tourism official.

Sources said she’ll be co-hosting a fundraiser for Rudy with Joseph Rose, another former Giuliani administration official, as the campaign gears up for an intense period of fundraising.

The decision to involve her in the Giuliani campaign is consistent with an apparent decision not to make much effort (which would probably be fruitless anyway) to conceal a personal life that some Republicans think will damage him.

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