Headline Siesta!


After a nice warming lunch, we thought we would spend a bit of time covering a few things thought caught our attention in the news today.

If NJ, FL, CA, and IL jumped off a building?

The Casper Star Tribune is reporting that Wyoming wants a piece of the early primary action as well.  They apparently want it so much that the Republican Executive Committee voted to hold their primary on the day that NH chooses, “whenever that may be.”  NH has a state law stating that their state will hold the first primary in the nation.  With all of the flutter of states changing their dates, it looks as if NH may change theirs as well, but it won’t matter.  Those pesky Wyomingites are “stuck like Velcro.” 

Seriously folks, this is just getting nutty.

When you are Mayor of America, you don’t HAVE to worry about just one state

Everyone operative and pundit knows that in Presidential elections, electoral math is a key strategy.  As McCain did in 2000 by avoiding Iowa and playing hard in New Hampshire (winning); candidates don’t have to duke it out in every state.  Picking your battleground is as strategic as selecting a jury, because essentially that is exactly what you are doing. 

An idea that has been floating around is that Rudy will most likely not play hardball in Carolina.  Truthfully, he doesn’t have to.  Especially with other states that are fertile ground for him moving up their dates; he could very well put up a semblance of a campaign in the Palmetto State.  If he did better than expected, bonus; if not, he didn’t try.  In turn he could score big in more moderate states and avoid a blood-bath with McCain and Romney. 

Despite SC having a history of picking the eventual nominee, it seems like a viable course of action for a candidate who has sticking points for social conservatives and who enjoys high positives nationally without engaging on issues.

Deja vu?

In response to Senate Republicans blocking a vote on the non-binding, no backbone, doesn’t really mean anything, we really don’t hate America resolution on Iraq, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) was quoted saying,

“I think this is the point: we deserve an up or down vote.  More importantly, the American people deserve an up or down vote.”

Funny.  We swear we heard this before:

“Each would have been confirmed if given a simple up or down vote.  Each deserved a simple up or down vote.” -President Bush on judges May 2005

The Dems wrote the playbook, blocking things as important as judicial nominations. Now they are complaining because they cannot vote on a non-binding resolution.  Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Faux terrorism, meet new marketing

Last week we were all treated to the revelation that the Aqua Team Hunger Forceis not an elite squad of Al-qaeda suicide bombers, but are in fact cartoon characters.  We also learned that they have a TV show on Turner Broadcasting’s Adult Swim Network. 

Depsite having to pay 2 million in restitution for the havoc created; this is a windfall for the network and the show.  You couldn’t buy that kind of promotion.  Everyone in America now knows about this show.  The Guerrilla ad campaign, despite shutting down the city, certainly served its purpose.

OK, that’s all for now.

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2 Comments on “Headline Siesta!”

  1. Frank Says:

    I love the karma part. If Karma is such a bitch, I hope Democrats break the fillabuster. What’s good for McConnell is good for Reid.

  2. scchaser Says:


    It could, and maybe should, happen if the vaunted “gang” (as we like to call ’em) steps in.

    Look, we agree that Iraq is an important issue, but a non-binding resolution might as well be about how damn cool my flannel PJs are, but about Iraq? Common! We would think that the Repubs would be less likely to use procedure to stop a vote if there was something to actually debate.

    We all know posturing when we see it…

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