Thanks a lot Dan!


We have been discussing for months the importance of new media and its impact on old school media and politics.  We’ve seen it countless times and we admit, we are flattered when veteran reporters get their news from us.  But come on, they could at least give us a little credit.

We pointed it out first with Aaron Sheinin.  Now we say – thanks a lot Dan!  Thanks for giving us credit. We link to your blog from our site every single day.  What’s the deal?

We posted this piece this morning.

At 4:37 today, Dan Hoover posted this on his blog:

Barrett leaning?

He admits to being wooed by just about everyone running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, but without making a commitment.

Last week U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett of Westminster had kind words for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

With some Republicans going after Romney for his changing views on touchstone conservative issues _ gay marriage, abaortion, etc. _ Romney met over in Baltimore with the Republican Study Committee, comprised of dozens of the most conservative House members.

Romney, who some critics say once tried to out-Teddy Teddy Kennedy, told the members, “The issues of marriage and life are at the heart of any civil society,” The Baltimore Sun reported. “I concluded that I needed to be wary of people who would experiment with life, who experiment with our kids, and who toy with the building blocks of family and society,” he was quoted as saying.

Barrett’s favorable reaction to Romney’s evolving views::

“It’s one thing to flip-flop, it’s another thing to say, ‘I’ve had a revelation.'”

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One Comment on “Thanks a lot Dan!”

  1. Laurin Says:

    The complaint against Aaron was somewhat justified, as he referred to “a South Carolina blog” as breaking the news about Scott Malyreck leaving the party, but I think y’all are being overly sensitive on the Hoover thing. So you both read the same paragraph in an AP story and drew a logical conclusion? Big difference btwn that and having broken news and not getting credit for it. Don’t be so sensitive. 😉

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