The Crew| The Palladian Group hires Folks?


We have been hearing through the grapevine (from sources we feel are reliable), that Will Folks may be signing on to work for The Palladian Group.  As we reported a while back,  The Palladian Group, which is run by Karen Floyd, is handling Rudy Giuliani’s political consulting here in South Carolina.

Apparently, K-Flo gave Mr. Folks a lift to his interview with Mayor Giuliani on Saturday during the SCGOP Executive Committee meeting.  If our sources are correct, it will be interesting to see if his employment remains under wraps or not.  Developing…

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2 Comments on “The Crew| The Palladian Group hires Folks?”

  1. […] may also be why the Retarded Iguana Society over at A Daily Crap is so anxious to link Sic Willie to the presidential campaign of former New York Mayor Rudy […]

  2. sic willie Says:

    K-flo loves me. i got lots of under the table cash from her when i still worked for sanford to do some side work for her campaign. i have been begging everyone for a job on a presidential campaign over the last few weeks. maybe this is my big break.

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