The Greatest Show on Earth?

And PT Barnum also said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”

We received an email alert from the SChotline this afternoon proudly proclaiming that they had now surpassed the 36,000 mark for daily hits on their website. Also in the email was information encouraging advertisers to get on board the gravy train before that puppy leaves the station.

We mean, after all, 36,000 hits a day people! Naturally the BS radar went all buzzing and twirling again, so we did a little investigating. We decided to compare that number to the number of hits that The State Paper (ya know, the largest outlet in the entire state) received today. Well all we can say is the folks at The State better call up our boys at the SChotline and take some notes. That’s right, cause they only be gettin’ 23,118 hits today. They largest Newspaper in the state got smacked by the SChotline? Um…not on your life…

You see, we might actually buy that there is a Santa Claus, and we really are waiting on the tooth fairy so we can make our car paymen, but we just don’t believe that our friends could generate 34,500 news hits in two weeks. Becasue they told us they got around 1,500 a day when we meet with them two weeks ago.

And now they are peddling their site for advertisers based on a bald face lie.

You guys must have brought on somebody new in the marketing department…wonder who that could be?

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6 Comments on “The Greatest Show on Earth?”

  1. sports talk Says:

    When _______ sewell asked me back in may to be a contributor to schotline back in may, he told me they were only receiving around 1,000 hits a day. and combined I doubt receive 36,000 unique visitors. Maybe these lies should be brought to bob jones attention!

  2. fitsnews Says:

    We got eleventy kazillion hits yesterday. Before lunch.

  3. scchaser Says:

    Dude…if we tried hard enough, we could create a graph too…showing how full of crap you really are.

  4. sports talk Says:

    Mike, go back to eating your kids chicken nugget meal and frosty from the wendys on assembly street and stop manipulating your counter stats!

  5. Laurin Says:

    The count of “hits” is a misleading statistic. It tallies every single link within a given site. (And the SCHotline is essentially all links.) The most straight-forward measure of a site’s traffic is the number of “unique visitors.” I suspect SCHotline’s unique visitor count is around one or two thousand a day.

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