All the news no one will read

The Shot has learned that at 10:00 AM this morning that Mike Campbell, former candidate for Lt. Governor and son of late Governor Carroll Campbell, will endorse Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign for President.

Last week the Huckabee campaign sent out a media advisory proclaiming a major annoucement coming in SC this week.

Sources close to The Shot are also reporting that they are glad it is Monday, a typically horrible news day, otherwise no one would care about this major announcement.

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6 Comments on “All the news no one will read”

  1. ld Says:

    ok, so that’s one vote…

  2. Ronald Says:

    Why in the world would anyone seek out the endorsement of Michael Campbell.?

    Next week the campaign will announce its endorsement from Grumpy and Sleepy …and then all of the 7 dwarves will be on board the Huckabee Mini Express.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Wow. Comparing Mike to the seven dwarves? Does this mean that the former First Lady – who I’m told will co-Chair Huckabee’s campaign in SC – is now demoted to being Snow White?

    The Cambell family is very well respected in SC. You Yankee lovers would be wise to keep your criticism focused on Mike Huckabee and leave the former first family out of your mud slinging sights. I might suggest you get some glasses as well. That “mini-express” you think you see appears to be growing larger every time you open your mouths.

  4. Ronald Says:

    Man, what a young partisan hack you must be.

    A bit of advice… when defending a gnome like Michael Campbell, the first rule is…don’t.
    The less said the better. Just attempting to portray him as anything other than a “biological son of a former gov” will keep you in trouble, and remind everyone that he is a loser.

    Wait 10 years…and when he grows up perhaps he will have a future. But for now he is remembered as the guy that spent a fortune to lose, and then refused to back the Republican nominee. That is not good…so leave it be.

  5. Earl Bascum Says:

    I wonder if Nathan thinks Mike “outworked” Andre….

  6. Ronald W Says:

    he sure out spent him…as I understand Campbell put in $900,000 of DADDY’S money …and did not get it back.

    But wost of all…he refuses to support Andre…so that makes him a turncoat to me…and not to be trusted.

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