The Crew | Campbells back Huckabee


We really don’t know where to start with this one.  Do we start with the fact that Tumpy Campbell was not present at the press conference, has already backed McCain, and is on-and-off partners with the Quinns? 

We have about 189 different things to say, but we are pretty busy today. We will have to get to it tonight.

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9 Comments on “The Crew | Campbells back Huckabee”

  1. Ronald Says:

    It is impossible to believe that the Huckabee team could not find someone more qualified for an endorsement than Michael Campbell.

    But then I remember, the Columbia Police horse died last week. At least the horse finished his schooling…something the Huckabee team should have looked into before asking Campbell to sign his “X” on the dotted line.

    Neigh, I say, neigh ….

  2. Joe Pinner Says:

    I have to think that Ronald of “Ronald says” is of the “hamburger” McDonald clan and let it be known the latterday Campbells have already proven their contributions to their state and nation and with a great deal of class that Ronald fails to exhibit. I dare say Mr. Campbell’s “X” carrries a lot more weight and meaning than someone with clown’s feet. Time will certainly tell. In the meantime, Ronald, have some soup.

  3. scchaser Says:

    OHHHH!! Ronald just got told off by Mr. Knozit.

    Ronald, you are being a little mean. We do agree with you that this endorsement carries little weight if any, but please be nicer in your analysis.

    We here at The Shot know that the Campbell machine died with the progression of Governor Campbell’s unfortunate illness. Everyone has gone their seperate ways and there is no tie that binds the donors, activists, and operatives that once made up the powerful organization. You can get no better proof than Mike Campbell’s campaign for Lt. Governor. Heck, they can’t even get the family on the same page. Mike said yesterday that Tumpy lent his name to the McCain PAC on a short term basis. Well, they can throw out all the excuses in the world but the truth is simple – if they can’t get the sons lined up behind one candidate, how can they have any impact on this race?

    We completely disagree with our partners over at The Hotline. They say the significance level of the endorsement is a 6. We give it a 3…tops.

  4. Ronald Says:

    Mr. Pinner.,

    Dare I suggest that you stick to the weather, as at least you may be correct half the time. Politics does not seem to be you forte.

    Carroll and Iris Campbell are great Americans and deserve respect. Mike Campbell has not proven to be anything other that the inheritor of a substantial business and a failed campaign candidate.

    He even broke ranks with the Republican Party and did not back the Republican that defeated him in the primary…showing once again he is not Carroll Campbell. Petulance is not a trait most voters crave…nor, for that matter, his insistent demand for a public spot light he has yet to earn.


  5. Ronald Says:


    I have had my coffee…I will be nice. Sometimes I just rile myself up.


  6. ld Says:

    yep, it’s over…
    turn out the lights, etc…
    warm up Dandy Don…

    all you other GOP pres candidates can pack it in now…
    it’s over…

    that big Campbell endorsement will surely seal the deal….

    Ooo-weeee…… just what a prez wanna be needs… the endorsement of a ‘come from the front’ primary loser….

    ..pack it in boys, it’s all over but the cryin’……..

  7. Joe Pinner Says:

    Ronald…you do not know Mike Campbell as I do and he won the first outing as you may recall and has many victories ahead. BTW, when did politics become anyone’s “forte” and at least I can always miss the forecast and still keep a job! I was mainly put off by your mean spirit which must come from politics being your forte. Cheers…Joe

  8. 189things Says:

    I’m wondering what the 189 things you had to say were…

  9. scchaser Says:

    yeah…we’re over it.

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