Stop the Presses! Barack’s not Black?

Yeah, yeah, we know.  The Obama juggernaut has been rolling through the weekend and we all need a break, but just when you thought the country had a brother we could all vote for; apparently brother Obama is not black?

Before you call Brother Jesse down on The shot, we have proof to offer our readers.  And yes, we too got all dizzy and confused by the proposition.  After all, we have a black friend.  And before you call out the PC dogs on us; we checked the local chapter of People Who Can and Cannot Make Fun of Black People for President, or  the PWCACMFBPP as we call them around the hood.  They have informed us that as long us we make fun of Obama NOT being black, we are in the clear. 

But the here comes the Colbert Report to let us know that all our hopes have been dashed for Barack is not Black.  Click to click again then you can share in the confusion.

( a note to WordPress:  You suck for not allowing embedded video other than YouTube)

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