We love the smell of a primary in the morning

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In case you missed it, Mitt Romney made his campaign stop in Columbia this morning as a part of his official annoucement tour.  Apparently, he picked up the endorsement of Charleston Councilman Paul Thurmond, son of the late Senator Strom Thurmond.   We will bring you more on the Columbia stop later.

We also read here a story abut Obama’s upcoming visit to Columbia.  It would seem all the references equating Obama to a rock star have gone to his head, because the campaign is requiring interested citizens will just have to get a ticket.  No worries, they are free, but oddly; they are being distributed out of the Office of Student Govnernment on the USC campus.  Does that sound right to you  people? 

Anyway click here for a fix on where you’re fav might be headed in the Palmetto State. 

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One Comment on “We love the smell of a primary in the morning”

  1. Tom Says:

    Mitt appears to me to be a very good choice for President. Being retired military I worked with a lot of Mormans. All of them were honest hard working individuals and only had one wife. I don’t think Mitt’s religion is relevant in this case. He would certainly be better than McCain who is a real loose cannon firing in all directions. Frankly McCain scares me.

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