Robert Ford apologizes


State Senator Robert Ford had to apologize for something he said?  No way!  You have to be kidding us.  Robert Ford would never say anything stupid.

Earlier this week when endorsing Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, Ford told the Associated Press  “It’s a slim possibility for [Obama] to get the nomination, but then everybody else is doomed… every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose because he’s black and he’s top of the ticket. We’d lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything,” he said. “I’m a gambling man. I love Obama,” Ford said. “But I’m not going to kill myself.”

As the Chicago Sun Times reported today ‘This, from a man who claims in his bio that from 1966 to 1972, at the height of the civil rights movement, he was arrested 73 times as a staff member with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.’

After getting national criticism, Ford apologized:

“If I caused anybody, including myself, any pain about the comments I made earlier, then I want to apologize to myself and to Senator Obama and any of his supporters,” Ford said.

Man, that’s a lot of apologizing to himself.

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One Comment on “Robert Ford apologizes”

  1. Takes a big man to apologize to himself. Or maybe just a schizophrenic one. Any word on whether the apology was accepted?

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