McCain launches campaign website


Check out and let us know what you think of John McCain’s new website.  We are going to play around with it some and let you know what we think later this weekend.  We can tell you that at first glance there seems to be some really cool tools to engage voters and create netroots communities. 

We asked three people what they thought of the look and they all said the same thing – it looks like something off of Star Wars…very Darth Vader…kind of dark and depressing.  We agree.  Aside from one smiling photo at the bottom, the homepage’s visuals lack optimism and screems depression. It’s interesting that the McCain crew decided to go with all blacks and greys and no color. We will be back later with detailed analysis.

[UPDATE] Check out political web guru David All’s thoughts at, especially his opinion on McCain’s theme and use of colors.  He disagrees with us a bit.

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2 Comments on “McCain launches campaign website”

  1. scchaser Says:

    Check out political web guru David All’s thoughts at

  2. Earl Bascum Says:

    It’s neat at the bottom where you can scroll over those things and he starts talking UNTIL he actually starts talking. Then I realize how old and depressing he is and click the exit button.

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