Democrats to have 2 open state senate seats in 2008


We don’t know how we missed this, but one of our favorite state senators, Kay Patterson, announced that he will not seek re-election in 2008.  Patterson is known for his outspokenness and humor on the state senate floor.  A close friend to Senator Strom Thurmond, Patterson’s funeral speech will never be forgotten by The Shot staff.


Statehouse insiders say that there is also little chance that the state senate’s senior member John Drummond will return.  That puts two democratic seats up for grabs.  Well sorta…

Although buzz grows on potential republican candidates for Drummond’s Greenwood centered seat, there is little to no chance that a republican could pick up Patterson’s seat with a nearly 65% BVAP (black voting age population). We will follow up with some research as to which state representatives are in the district.  John Scott is one.

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5 Comments on “Democrats to have 2 open state senate seats in 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    John Scott is not in Drummond’s district… Pinson, Pitts, Parks, and maybe Duncan are in that Senate District

  2. scchaser Says:

    Anon – we were talking about Patterson.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    leventis will not run either

  4. phil bailey Says:

    leventis IS running for re-election

  5. Former Sumterite Says:

    Anonymous, where did you hear Leventis was not running for re-election? Word is Jones (his for former opponent is not looking too good – not only did he loose a squeaker after the Republican party dumped a few hundred thousand into the race – which is a lot for an SC Senate race, he also sullied his name by re-counting and appealing two different times and even lobbying to get it taken to the Senate for a vote – note he lost 5-0 at the second appeal to the state election commission. I would ganer Jones might not be the Republican opposition this next time, BUT I have hear nothing about Leventis not running.

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